Jeff Hankins: Guiding Principles for the State Lottery

Arkansas Business President and Publisher (and my boss) Jeff Hankins holds forth on the state lottery in his newspaper column this week. In it, he lays out some guiding principles he hopes legislators adhere to when it comes time to put this thing together.

Among them:

  • No income limits: “We’re in a state that’s already saddled with a 7 percent income tax rate, and too many students from middle and upper-middle income families don’t qualify for financial aid.”
  • Only public, private four- and two-year institutions qualify — for now: “Initially, we’ll be hard-pressed to fully fund tuition for associate and bachelor’s degrees, and apprenticeships were never mentioned to voters.”
  • An escalating scale that rewards – i.e., increases funding for – students who continue and complete a bachelor’s degree program.”
  • Conservative revenue projections: “Perhaps we would have a base program for tuition, and then use unexpected surpluses to fund incentive programs on a cash available basis.”
  • More degrees, not students, should be the goal: “The outcome objective must be more adults with a college degree – not more adults going to college.”

You can read Hankins’ complete column here.


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