The Ladder: Should I ‘Friend’ My Boss on Facebook?

Talkin' FB w/ Alyson

Talkin' FB w/ Alyson

It’s an almost Seinfeldian dilemma. Do you accept a friend request from your boss on Facebook? What if you choose “ignore”? Or, what if you put them on “limited profile”? Is that just as insulting as a straight ignore? Or would leaving the request unanswered be worse?

It makes your head spin. But it’s a little decision that many of us are confronted with everyday as more and more co-workers and professional contacts find one another on Facebook.

So what do you do? Well, it depends!

Alyson Courtney and I talk it over on “Today’s THV This Morning.” Click here for video. And click here to view my Ladder post on this New Media Minefield of Etiquette.


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