Gwen Moritz: Pat Hays Has Lost His Marbles

That’s Arkansas Business Editor Gwen Moritz’s jumping off point in her column this week.

It’s probably not an unusual thought for anyone who’s read anything about the North Little Rock mayor’s gerrymandered TIF district proposal, which would reroute tax dollars that are supposed to go to the North Little Rock School District to instead help build a parking deck near a downtown hotel that’s still on the drawing board.

This, Moritz points out, after Hays in 2007 floated the idea of a local-option sales tax to primarily benefit the North Little Rock School District, where Hay’s granddaughters attend class. Hoppin’ mad, the district says it might sue over the TIF.

It’s a shame the school board has to spend precious educational dollars – money that would otherwise be used for the education of children, including Pat Hays’ granddaughters – on a lawsuit to stop this blatant tax grab. But what choice does the school district have when the mayor has lost his mind?

The doctor is in! Moritz’s full diagnosis here.


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