Media Notes: It’s Getting Worse

Luckily, it’s Friday. After reading this, go have a cold one or three. Or maybe something stronger.

Los Angeles Times kills local news section [LA Observed]

WSJ layoffs may be coming next week [Portfolio/Mixed Media]

The Baltimore Examiner, the city’s second daily, will close [AP]

Disney cuts: 200 fired at ABC, 200 at ESPN [MediaMemo]

Recession rocks Hollywood trade publications [Reuters]

Page Six Magazine goes quarterly [Crain’s]

Exec, editor ousted at OK! magazine [Folio]

More from Blake’s Think Tank on the LA Times abandoning it’s state section here. And then, as carried on Huffington Post, some sobering words from Mort Zuckerman on the newspaper non-business:

Q: How is the print publishing business doing?

A: The print publishing business is an oxymoron. It is no longer a business. It is an advertising-driven business and advertisers have driven elsewhere.

Q: Is this year going to be the one when we see respected newspapers going out of business?

A: There’s no doubt about it, unless they are owned by people who are in a position to afford to carry them, and are willing to do it because they believe in journalism . . . I would say one of the papers in Philadelphia will probably close down. We’ve already seen the Times Mirror Corporation go bankrupt.

More here.

And, yes, we agree.


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