Monday Media Notes: How About $100 Million From Congress to Save Journalism?

David Scharfenberg, writing for, says Congress “should set aside $100 million – well under 1 percent of the stimulus approved by the House of Representatives and pending in the Senate – for a national journalism fund.” Includes more thoughts on a nonprofit model for journalism.

Newsosaur: Here’s why newspapers can’t go online-only just yet: simple math. “A conventional newspaper moving to online-only publishing might produce at best 10% of the cash generated by its print-plus-online predecessor.”

The New York Times’ Bill Keller: The supply of quality journalism is dropping, while demand for it rises. As for the business: “My expectation (and I remind you of the disclaimers regarding my business acumen) is that for the foreseeable future our business will continue to be a mix of print and online journalism, with the growth online offsetting the (gradual, we hope) decline of print.”

Two round of buyouts this year (but also Pulitzers!), and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editor and Senior Vice President Martin Kaiser is Editor & Publisher’s Editor of the Year.

A PR offensive from newspaper folk: Sample headline: ‘Network Television Is Fading Fast’! Srsly.


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