The Cigarette Tax, the Grocery Tax, State Revenue and, Yes, Waterboarding on ‘Arkansas Week’

“Arkansas Week” airs at 8 p.m. tonight on your local AETN affiliate. And check it out! You’ll now be able to embed the show on your Web site or blog once it becomes available on the Interwebs (here’s the link to video of last week’s show, with Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins).

Tonight: I’m on a panel with “Unconventional Wisdom” host and Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders and Arkansas Times columnist Ernie Dumas. Taping from the Department of Education building behind the state Capitol, we talk about today’s depressing unemployment numbers, last month’s state revenue report and something that happened yesterday at in the Legislature that slipped my mind.

Also: Sanders breaks news about waterboarding in the back rooms of the Capitol — that’s wasn’t sweat on legislators’ faces!

Here‘s audio of tonight’s show. Video here.


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