Tobacco Tax Approved in the Senate, Heads to Beebe’s Desk

Wills gets his Pacino on

Wills gets his Pacino on

Arkansas Senate Approves Tobacco Tax 28-7; State’s Tax Goes to $1.15 Per Pack; What it will pay for []

Against: Denny Altes, R-Fort Smith; Gilbert Baker, R-Conway; Johnny Key, R-Mountain Home; Bill Pritchard, R-Elkins; Jerry Taylor, D-Pine Bluff; Sharon Trusty, R-Russellville; and Ruth Whitaker, R-Cedarville. (Roll call)

Flip: Sen. Terry Smith, D-Hot Springs; ‘No’ in committee, ‘yes’ in the Senate

Legislators: Robbie Wills: “The bill now goes to the Governor, who I understand is inclined to sign it.”; Steve Harrelson: Steele closes debate; Larry Teague: “The good ultimately outweighed the bad.”

Twittering the vote: Tolbert, Thompson, Goins

The bill: HB1204

More: Arkansas Times: Beebe struck deals beforehand; Thompson: Solid NW Ark. support; Arkansas News Bureau: Key – “This is the wrong time to support this.”; Steve Barnes, New York Times: News brief Video:


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