Light Blogging on Monday, Tuesday

Ah, the obligatory “blogging will be light” post. We’ve learned this from Kinkade. It’s in his book, “Best Practices for Lazy Blogging While Still Getting a Check from Google.” There’s other methods that I can’t disclose, but you’d be right if you guessed it had lots to do with publishing irrelevant photos of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and baseless-rumor-mongering. But that’s a whole other post!

Anyway, we’re taking some time off on Monday and Tuesday because Monday and Tuesday are the new Thursday and Friday! This guarantees that there’s really only one day of work this week, and I think I feel a flu coming on.


One Response

  1. You’re welcome to try, Lance, but you will never challenge my status as the laziest blogger in the entire state of Arkansas. And with regard to your sniffing at the “irrelevant” swimsuit photos, I have some readers who believe those to be the most relevant thing on The Arkansas Project. They are probably correct.

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