Snuggies, Aaron Jones and KATV in Arkansas Business This Week

It's the Snuggie. And it's a little creepy!

It's the Snuggie! And it's a little creepy!

This week in Arkansas Business, a veritable potpourri of business news and notes, both superfluous and yet entirely essential!

Snuggies! Looking for a good marketing model to follow in these lean economic times? Marketing guru Jim Karrh says to look no further than those odd bathrobe-in-reverse things that are all the rage right now! Here’s why the Snuggie sells, and it has nothing to do with Matt Lauer! Somewhere, the Polyphonic Spree guy is kicking himself.

It’s a Big Day for Mr. Jones. Aaron Jones, whose Chenal house-fire story is easily the wackiest Chenal house-fire story in history, is about to see the burned-out shell of his former home sold for somewhere around $300k. Police tape and charred remains convey.

6 More Gone at Dillard’s. Having already laid off hundreds, Dillard’s cuts six more in its visual merchandising department in Little Rock. The Little Rock work shifts to an office in Fort Smith.

Buzzcut. The Buzz radio network is ending satellite distribution of its network programming. But program director Justin Acri said he’s working on alternative distribution methods — the Internet! — to continue delivery.

The Two Towers. KATV, having seen one antenna go down last year, is set to flip the switch on the replacement any day now.


3 Responses

  1. instead of a “Snuggie” i prefer to call mine a “Power Blanket”

  2. Snuggie pub crawls are the newest thing. Great fun looking like a cult taking over a bar.

  3. The power of the Snuggie continues to expand.

    All hail the mighty fabric!

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