Video: How the Recession Can Affect Your Career

The recession and your career

The recession and your career

On “Today’s THV This Morning” today I talked to Alyson Courtney about how the recession can affect your career.

You can see video of the segment here.

The segment is based on this piece by staffing firm Robert Half International, which notes the many ways the economic downtown will likely affect your job.

Apart from the obvious threat of layoffs and benefit cuts, there’s the possibility of changes to your job description as companies struggle to do more with fewer workers. In this case, it’s important to remain open to learning new skills and taking on new challenges, even if some of these tasks are outside your comfort zone.

The upside, of course, is that you’ll learn new skills, making you a more valuable worker when (when!) the economy strengthens. And you might even be able to move up within your company, as employers decide against hiring new employees and look within for new leaders.

Video of the segment here, the article here and more careers advice here. And don’t forget our Jobs section on here, where you can post your resume and search for Arkansas jobs, all for free.

(Another version of this post appears on The Ladder blog.)


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