More on the Expanding Arkansas Twittersphere

If it’s one thing the media (and bloggers) love talking about it, it’s Twitter! None of us can resist spilling hundred of words at a time on a 140-character free service that makes no money and almost no one uses! Well, no one outside the hyper-communicative, anyway.

Add our Arkansas Business sister publication, the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, to those encircling the microblogging phenom, focusing on the growth of the service (Pew numbers) and a prominent NW Tweeter, Elise Mitchell, who we follow on Twitter here and who in her spare time runs Mitchell Communications Group of Fayetteville:

Despite its sophomoric moniker, Twitter is really a business tool, she said, which can be used to build a community around shared interests. The hook? Twitter’s microblogs, called tweets, limit you to 140 characters, so you’ve got to be succinct.

A recent post on Mitchell’s page read: “Looking for ways to measure ROI for businesses of social media participation? Great blog post:”

“I assure you, you will get more out of it than you ever put into it,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s not the only one in her shop who’s Twittering, as you can tell by the company blog. Meanwhile, we’ll note some new additions to the Arkansas Twittersphere, and you can see my Unofficial Official Arkansas Twitter Directory for more.

John Brummett: He started this month, but I only caught up with him a week or two ago. Be patient. He’s not quite figured out linking, and sometimes he refers to Web sites without naming them!

Bud Jackson: Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s lottery henchman and political gun for hire. But: Intrigue! He might not let you follow him! So far, we’re lucky.

Robert Herzfeld: The Saline Couty Circuit Judge is getting his feet wet, holding forth on “Lost.” Just what is the deal with that crazy island?

Skip Rutherford: Chief Friend of Bill and Think Tank Dad is musing on the city’s best desserts, some political matters and goings-on at the Clinton School of Public Service, where’s he’s Dean.

The Northwest Arkansas Times: The formerly independent newspaper has been under Walter Hussman’s thumb for years now, but that hasn’t stopped them from Twittering! See also: WholeHogSports.

Mark Martin: The Republican state rep has been getting hammered by Maximus for his bad spelling (glass houses …) but keeps on keeping-on.

Steve Arrison: Presumably the same Arrison at the Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, but sadly no updates yet — unless we’ve been blocked. Horror!

KNWA: The Nexstar-owned Northwest Arkansas TV operation has two flavors so far, KNWAWeekends and KNWAFOXDirector (Bruce Thomas). One is more active than the other.

Dana Sargent: TV anchor at another Northwest Arkansas TV station. It’s okay if you’re impressed.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for this post, Lance. It will be interesting to see how many who’ve recently picked up Twitter find it an effective communications tool.
    Seems to me Twitter is a very poor broadcast tool, and people who are simply using it to send out their own messages without listening and engaging with others are not going to find it very useful–whether they’re companies using it for “PR,” or journalists who see it as just another broadcast channel.
    Here’s a pretty good post on the use of Twitter:

    • I agree. I think you’ve got to really commit to it to get anything out of it. I really didn’t “get” Twitter until I started using Twhirl, which allowed me to really interact with folks in real time. And that interaction has it made Twitter worthwhile, because I can quickly share — and gather — all kinds of information.

      But I do think there’s some value in Twitter as a broadcast channel. It helps me easily follow all manner of breaking news. It’s proved to be even more effective than my overstuffed RSS reader in quickly, succinctly serving up the latest news headlines.

      Thanks for the comment and the link!

  2. LT,

    Great post! Still thinking about the 40 u 40 list, and how many on the roster are looking to twitter as a communcations vehicle. I’ve followed everyone you listed in this post and looking forward to seeing the tweeps get onboard. Also, have you checked out #journchat on Monday evenings? Pretty enlightening coversation.

    Best to you and AB folks,

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