Let’s Go Back Into Time — to 1997!



If you liked 1997, you’ll love 2009! That’s because we’re slowly working our back to that monumental year. Let’s take a trip back, shall we, to the days when there was a Democrat in the White House and the stock market was, well, trading just about the same place it is now! Oh, and “Titanic” was the biggest movie ever and Kate Winslet should have won an Oscar.

The good thing about all this time travel? It’s as if the dot-com bubble never happened! So maybe we don’t need the Internets after all. Can’t we just jettison this knowledge- and service-based economy and go back to making go ol’ U.S. automobiles?


Major Stock Indexes Fall to 1997 Levels – ArkansasBusiness.com

Chart – Yahoo

Stocks Drill Downward – Wall Street Journal


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