Media Notes: Andreessen Says ‘Stop the Presses.’ Now.

Stop. Srsly: Marc Andreessen, appearing on “Charlie Rose,” is emphatic. Newspapers should kill the print edition, like, yesterday. Take your licks. Suck it up. The music industry was in the same boat, and who wants to go out like those guys?

This of course is bad, bad news for Rupert Murdoch, who loves his newspapers so!

Network Twits: It’s almost as if there was a memo or something! TV anchors start tweeting en masse.

Twitter Quitters: Politico’s top editors say they won’t tweet, Mike Allen notwithstanding.

Saved Again: Yes. Yes. Oxford American, rescued again. And Kinkade, you’re just mean.

Down for the Count? Philadelphia Newspapers, which owns The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and, files for bankruptcy to restructure $390 million in debt.

Pay Me: Newspapers need not ask whether readers will pay for content, but what content will they pay for. Or something like that.

Fail: TV networks do a crap job of covering the stimulus, think tanks say.


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