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It’s lottery week! Yes, that time of year when everyone in town draws a little piece of paper in anticipation of seeing the little black dot, a harbinger of the coming harvest and the sacrifice we must make to insure —

Oh wait! Wrong lottery!

No, this lottery is about education, and the kids, and opportunity for everyone! Not stoning! And now that the voters have had their say, it’s time for the Ledge to get the job done. In his commentary for and, Speaker of the House Rep. Robbie Wills, D-Conway, talks about the next steps in setting up how the lottery will be governed and ushering our fair state into “a modern-era of lottery policy.”

We have now unveiled for public scrutiny that portion of the proposed Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act governing the establishment and operation of the lottery. The operation of the lottery will be governed by a nine-member Arkansas Lottery Commission. This commission will be given the authority to determine lottery games, lottery ticket sales, and prize amounts. The commission’s goal will be to maximize revenues for scholarships. In the next week or so, we will propose the second half of the measure, governing the scholarship programs themselves. Through a deliberate two-step process, legislators, the citizens they represent, retailers, educators and others are having the opportunity to provide welcomed input on the creation of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act.  With this collaborative effort, a new law of this state, like other models of successful lotteries in such states as Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, will bring Arkansas into a modern-era of lottery policy, first proposed and effectively used by our nation’s founding fathers for the advancement of our people.

Much more here.


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