This Week in Arkansas Business: Inky Wreches, Now Less Inky!

In Arkansas Business newspaper this week, media notes aplenty, thoughts on Arkansas’ green collar future, plus some practical banking tips from our sister publication, the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal:

Many newspapers are cutting their stocks sections in print because, really, who reads those things anymore? But not the Democrat-Gazette! Points, though, for cutting some superfluous fields to save on ink.

The Log Cabin Democrat, whose ailing parent company is in debt up to its eyeballs, is going niche, trying is hand at business news. Why would anyone wanna do that?

Green collar is the new blue collar! This, according to Mark A. Robertson, a principal with Mesa Landscape Architects Inc. of Little Rock. Robertson says Arkansas is poised to make the most of the new green economy.

Finding cash in this economy? Good luck with all of that. But Jeff Dunn, president and CEO of Bank of Arkansas NA, says there’s ways to work with your bank to find funding sources. His tips here.


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