Tonight: The 2008 Arkansas Business of the Year Awards


(Update: Click here to see profiles and videos of the winners!)

Tonight is our annual Arkansas Business of the Year Awards, in which we honor the best of Arkansas’ businesses, nonprofits and executives. And this year’s crop should receive bonus points for to continuing to operate in such a spectacular fashion in this brutual economic downturn.

These awards have been taking place each year since 1988. Nominations for business of the year are taken from Arkansas Business readers. An independent committee, which can include past years’ winners, then judges each nominee, based on performance and other criteria submitted by those businesses, to determine who wins in each of six categories. The categories are based on company size, and there are separate categories for nonprofits and executives.

In the past several years, we’ve also hosted the Arkansas Community Foundation‘s Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation Awards as part of the event. We’re again honoring companies recognized by the ACF, which this year are JPMS Cox of Little Rock, Metropolitan National Bank and Arkansas Best Corp.

At noon, I’ll be at a special luncheon for the finalists and Community Foundation winners at the Little Rock Club. And later, I’ll be at the evening awards ceremony, which gets going around 5:30 p.m. at the Statehouse Convention Center, where we’re expecting more than 800 guests.

You can see profiles on each of the nominees here. And in the morning, we’ll have video coverage of all the winners’ acceptance speeches on To see video from last year’s event, click here. And good luck to all the nominees!


FLEX360 clients up for Arkansas Business of the Year


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