I Was Kidnapped by the Conservative Media Mafia

Blogging was light today in light of my abduction by a trio of mysteriously well-dressed conservative media mafia types, David Sanders, David Kinkade and Zack Stovall. Long story short: They tossed me in the trunk of Sanders’ Cadillac (yes of course he drives a Cadillac) and smuggled me onto the set of AETN’s “Unconventional Wisdom” to record a show that’s so good they’re only going to show it online. Or at least that’s what they told Sanders.*

At any rate, I’m back — a little dazed but in relatively good shape. We’ll post a link to video of the show should it ever surface.

* It’s going to air on real TV after all! Though not at its regular time. 6:30 p.m. Friday, and again on Sunday evening. Warm up the DVRs.**

** Pre-empted by Steve Barnes! Online only! Just like we originally said!


6 Responses

  1. […] hosted by Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders. This show had everything: Mike Masterson! Lance Turner! Zack Stovall! […]

  2. […] David Sanders, journalist, Twitter man, Best Head Shot Ever Award Winner and host of AETN’s “Unconventional Wisdom” gathered up his conservative pals and fellow Arkansas bloggers David Kinkade, Zach Stovall and Lance Turner for this month’s show. The giddy group tweeted all day about it and Mr. Turner now has this post up on his blog. […]

  3. Come on…it’s an old Cadillac. And, all you guys left out the part about the trip to Sonic.

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  5. […] if (daym=12) dn=”PM” if (hours>12){ hours=hours-12 } if (hours==0) hours=12 if (minutes The aforementioned “Unconventional Wisdom” episode here. (And here.) Again, it’s myself, Zack […]

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