Media Notes: DG Discontinues 401(k) Match, SF Chron on the Brink

Bad: After a round of layoffs, publisher Walter Hussman says the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will discontinue its 401(k) match program for employees. They were able to fully fund in 2008 however.*

Broken Hearts in San Francisco: Heart says it will sell or close the San Francisco Chronicle. Meanwhile, a Chronicle competitor is mum on whether he’d buy the paper.

Fewer Times: The New York Times cuts the frequency of its T fashion magazine.

Post Up: The Washington Post’s quarterly print advertising numbers are bad, but online ads are up, though growth is slowing.

The Dark Ages: Just what did people do on the Web in 1996?

It’s Ok If You’re Impressed: The Think Tank on the “strange resilience” of the local TV news personality.

Unkindest Cut: Newspaper and TV station owner Gannett cuts its dividend by 90 percent. Investors will make their opinions known today.

*Corrected from an earlier version, which had the item exactly backward!


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