Stephens’ Main Street Tear-down and Stanford Losses in This Week’s Arkansas Business

On newsstands and on the Internets today, the new Arkansas Business. This week:

How much Arkansas money is tied up in Stanford Group, the Houston-based investment firm, with an office in Little Rock, at the center of an SEC investigation? Eight digits at least. And some local law firms that have been approached by clients to sue aren’t taking the case. Why? One lawyer explains thusly: “We figured out there’s no way to get paid.” Ew.

Mark Hengel, last week, chasing Brian Clark’s involvement in the Ramey Agency, which, most likely, will be chasing that lottery advertising account.

KATV flips the switch on its 1 meee-yun watt broadcast tower on Shinall Mountain.

Acxiom chief legal counsel Jerry Jones advocates for more technology in education.

Editor Gwen Moritz enters the debate about the future of Main Street in Little Rock. Warren Stephens wants to tear down buildings he owns and redevelop? Hey, it ain’t immoral.

And much more here.


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