Ed Garner, Little Rock Family Join the Arkansas Twittersphere

There’s a new thing on the Internets! It’s called Twitter! No one really knows what it is, and some people are mad about it, but damned if they’re not signing up for it in droves. Who’s the latest to join the Arkansas Twittersphere? Let’s see, shall we?

Rep. Ed Garner, R-Maumelle – Garner, who floated an alternative plan to raise money for the state trauma system, thought he might limit followers to legislators. But now it’s a free-for-all! Sadly, “no secret stuff.”

Jeff Hankins – The Arkansas Business president and publisher discovered Twitter over the weekend. And now he wants to know Everything. About. It. And he’s asking me. Constantly.

Jennifer Pyron, Little Rock Family magazine – Jennifer brings Twitter goodness to all the Twittering moms in Little Rock and beyond.

Aristotle, Rockfish and Mass Enthusiasm – Web developers all, and they’re Twittering. About Web developing.

Jordan Johnson – Spokesman for the Clinton Library and director of public policy for Little Rock ad firm CJRW.

Want more? Check our informally updated guide to the Arkansas Twittersystem here.


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