Media Notes: More Twitter Bait, and a Facebook Facelift

User Friendly: Facebook redesigns. Again. Will users revolt? They usually do!

A Word From Our Sponsors: Is your life worth a commercial break? Facebook, Google, Twitter hope so.

Firestarter: Why the Kindle — and the business model behind it — will save the book publishing business. But it won’t save newspapers. Of course!

Business Time: Jon Stewert rips CNBC and Santelli.

Site for Sale: The Rocky Mountain News is dead. But its Web site lives on — for now.

Video Killed the Newspaper Star: Tips for newspapers getting into Web video. First step, remove lens cap.

Chaaaarge! Why media must charge for online content, and how to do it. (This is the answer we’ve been looking for! Right there on this blog!)

Obligatory Twitter Links: The BBC will teach you how to Twitter — Bandwagon Twitters, go away! — Bah, humbug!Ev Williams does ‘Charlie Rose’ — Twitter: Search is our futureJohn Cleese Twitters with his, er, friends. That’s putting it nicely.


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