Major Job Losses, State Revenue and the Legislative Session on ‘Arkansas Week’


Update: Listen to audio, see video of tonight’s show.

It’s Friday, so you know what that means: “Arkansas Week”! Steve Barnes hosts another panel of Arkansas journalists to discuss The Week That Was. On tonight’s episode, me, John Williams and Brenda Blagg try to put the whole messy affair into some perspective. The topics:

Today’s painful U.S. unemployment numbers, which showed 650,000 jobs were eliminated last month, taking the unemployment rate to 8.1 percent — the highest it’s been since 1983. But: Wal-Mart wins!

The February state revenue report. We’re still waiting for the bottom to follow out, and experts say we’ll certainly see it happen soon, if not this year, definitely 2010. On the bright side: We can still cut the grocery tax! As for the other tax cuts — well …

Concealed weapons! A snarky blog post leads to possible legislation that will limit public access to information on who’s packin’. Also wasting legislators’ time: Another fruitless go-round with the Equal Rights Amendment.

And: Legislation to limit teenagers’ driving and our slow, wobbly march to alcohol sales on Sunday.

Plus: Only a passing reference to state lottery. An improvement!

Catch “Arkansas Week” tonight at 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate.


3 Responses

  1. Arkansas attempt to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment is NOT wasted time. It is shameful that Arkansas drags its feet on this major legislation that benefits ALL citizens as well as the Arkansas economy!

    Apparently, the writer of the article mentioning ERA as a waste of time does not know that “all countries since WWII have an ERA. Not the USA. Because of this, USA is ranked with undeveloped counries such as Lestho and Swaziland!!

    Apparentely, the writer is unaware that ERA benefits MEN as well as women, so 100% of people would be protected against vicious and sometimes covert sex discrimination like nothing else can protect! Men may become irate that they are left bereft of fairness in child custody cases, in issues of the draft, immigration and teenage consensual sex, to mention a few!

    And ERA has nothing to do whatsoever with same-sex or abortion, despite what devilish Special Interests spread viciously.
    Why is Arkansas so behind the times? It’s enough to make us ashamed.

    Anyone is welcomed to to get the real facts to put lie to the Special Interest infecting Arkansas and any other state working hard to free men and women from the drudge of second class citizenship vis a vis equal treatment under the law.

  2. […] over the ERA, which we are assured in comments is most definitely not a waste of […]

  3. […] over the ERA, which we are assured in comments is most definitely not a waste of […]

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