Media Notes: United We Stand

Dream On: The New York Times’ David Carr imagines a fantasy world where newspapers get together and decide to collectively do something to save their business.

Hour of Power: You might have flirted with Charlie and Katie, but you’ll always come back to BriWi! “NBC Nightly News” is still No. 1 and looking to expand to an hour.

McScrewed: McClatchy Co., which owns the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Miami Herald, among others, is laying off 1,600 and restructuring.

Bee Calm: In order to lessen layoffs, the Sacramento Bee, another McClatchy paper, gets the go-ahead from the union to cut pay.

Don’t Hog the Covers: The best-, and worst-, selling magazine covers. Guess who’s on the best-sellers?

Gadget Lust: Hearst has it all wrong.

Glossed Over: In taking in to account all the media misery, don’t forget regional magazines! It’s sucking for them, too!


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