The Good News, and the Bad News, in This Week’s Arkansas Business

It’s not all bad. Just most of it! Here’s peek under the covers at this week’s Arkansas Business:

AT&T brings jobs back to Arkansas and another ground-breaking in the Port of Little Rock. The silver lining around some dark clouds.

Puzzling over the ERA, which we are assured in comments is most definitely not a waste of time.

If it’s bad at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, what’s it like to work at Wehco’s smaller newspapers?

Tee ’em up! KARN’s Bob Steel and KTHV’s Charles Crowson — a 4 handicapper! — are set to talk golf each Saturday morning on KARN’s new show, “Arkansas Fairways & Greens.”

Five ad agencies will slug it out for the $1.2 million Arkansas Economic Development Commission account.

Really, the only reason for writing this one was to use that headline. Let’s be honest.

Tracy Tisdale buys Aaron Jones’ charred Chenal Circle home in west Little Rock for a reported $325,000.

And much more here!


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