Twittersphere Update: Hankins Unlocks & More Climb Aboard



Arkansas Business President and Publisher Jeff Hankins, perhaps noting the @ArkBusiness account’s 500th follower, has unlocked his personal Twitter account and wholeheartedly embraced the fledgling free messaging service that has mainstream media buzzing.

Why all the buzz? Perhaps it’s the service’s rapid growth. Perhaps it’s the new ways people can share information with it. Perhaps it’s because the MSM would rather talk about another pie-in-the-sky Internet distraction with no discernable business model instead of what’s going on their own industry: utter collapse!

Whatever the reason, there’s no better diversion right now than Facebook Twitter, which may or may not be The Best Thing in the World. And many Arkansans are still getting in on it. Herewith, our latest look at the Arkansas Twittersphere:

Arkansas News Bureau – More news! Zack Stovall, I assume we have you to thank for this.

Pat Lynch – Arkansas radio icon and DG columnist. Wonder if Pat Lynch follows @David_Lynch? He should.

Gabe Holmstrom – The spokesman for Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel. Look out, he’ll @ ya!

UA’s Lemke Department of Journalism – Because clearly Twitter is the future of journalism.

ASU Jonesboro – Yes, smartasses, they have the Internet in northeast Arkansas. I went to college there, and I’m an Internet editor!

Stacy Sells – Senior VP of strategic planning at CJRW, the state’s biggest ad agency. Updates protected, so be nice!

Arkansas Riverfest – If you’re on Tweetie, you’ll know exactly where to get all your beer tickets Memorial Day Weekend.

Hot Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau – Sure. Why not?

Eric Edelstein, general manager of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals – And you can follow the team itself here.

Denver Peacock – Think there was a memo about Twittering at CJRW?

40/29 News in Rogers/Fort Smith – More news!

And catch more Arkansas Twitters on our complete guide to Twitter in Arkansas.


Bah! Humbug! Twitter – Think Tank

Tweet Smell of Success: Twitter and Small Business – Slate


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