Media Notes: The Obligatory ‘Daily Show,’ Jim Cramer Links & 12 Seconds TV

Cramer vs. Cramer: Would the real Jim Cramer please stand up? Because the cowed apologist on “The Daily Show” last night looked nothing like the barking loon on “Mad Money.”

Full EpisodeOuttakeHoward Kurtz: One-sided smackdownGawker: Cramer “Meek”AP: Stewart ‘rips’ CramerPoynter: A guy doing “an entertainment show about business”

Driven to Insanity: KATV parent Allbritton Communications, desperate to bring back those screaming local car dealer ads, says it will give employees $2,000 toward a new car. Did you hear that, Jeff? $2,000. For employees. To help the economy. Just sayin’.

Twitter, video-ized

Twitter, video-ized

12-Second Twitter: Emily Reeves on, video’s answer to Twitter. Inevitable!

Project ‘Debrief’: David Kinkade of The Arkansas Project appears with Jessica Dean tonight on the “Daily Debrief.”

Meh: All this angst about losing daily newspapers? Turns out, not many Americans give a rip if their daily paper goes under, according to a Pew study. And apparently, neither does National Public Radio!

Point of Privilege: At least someone is siding with daily newspapers on something. In Arkansas, it’s the state Supreme Court!

Bad News: The New York Times’ link-worthy national newspaper destruction map, which looks like something you’d see on the wall in “Dr. Strangelove.”

It’s So Crazy It Just Might Work: “Good Morning America” purchases time on local cable TV to advertise its runner-up morning show during its competitors’ morning shows. Crafty.

Gone Baby Gone: Jim Kelly, the managing editor of Time magazine during its “glory days,” is leaving.

Picture This: Google Image Search, now available on iPhones and Android. The many faces of Blake Rutherford, now available on your mobile device.


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