Hearst: Seattle Post-Intelligencer Will Go Online-only

Online only

Online only

Hearst makes it official, announcing that Tuesday’s edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will be its last in print. The publication will go online-only — the first large American daily newspaper to do so.

The newspaper, having failed to find a buyer, took its first steps toward the online model earlier this month, making offers to 22 of its 170 newsroom staffers to remain with the online news operation. (That’s about 13 percent of the newsroom staff.)

Today, Managing Editor David McCumber said the Web site will employ about 20 in the newsroom and 20 to sell ads. The P-I had 181 employees.

From the Post-Intelligencer’s Web site, SeattlePI.com:

The Hearst Corp. announced Monday that it would stop publishing the 146-year old newspaper, Seattle’s oldest business, and cease delivery to more than 117,600 weekday readers.

The company, however, said it would maintain seattlepi.com, making it the nation’s largest daily newspaper to shift to an entirely digital news product.

“Tonight we’ll be putting the paper to bed for the last time,” Editor and Publisher Roger Oglesby told a silent newsroom Monday morning. “But the bloodline will live on.”

In a news release, Hearst CEO Frank Bennack Jr. said, “Our goal now is to turn seattlepi.com into the leading news and information portal in the region.”

The new operation will be more than a newspaper online, Steven Swartz, president of Hearst Newspapers, said. The so-called “community platform” will feature breaking news, columns from prominent Seattle residents, community databases, photo galleries, 150 citizen bloggers and links to other journalistic outlets.

On Jan. 9, New York-based Hearst put the Seattle P-I up for sale and said that the paper would stop printing if a buyer were not found within 60 days.

Despite community concern, no buyer emerged. The P-I lost $14 million last year.

The P-I’s rival, The Seattle Times, remains in operation, but it’s also facing an uncertain future.


Hearst Corp. news release: “A new type of digital business with a robust, community news and information Web site at its core.”

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