Media Notes: Seattle P-I on the Brink, ABC’s ‘Twitterview’ & More

Gimmick! ABC’s George Stephanopoulos plans to interview Arizona Sen. John McCain via Twitter. Hashtag? #boring

Newsosaurs: As noted at the Think Tank, a new study says newspapers aren’t dying — journalism is evolving! Anyone feel better yet? See the full “State of the News Media” study here, and see selected facts from the report here.

This Is Not An Exit: Speaking of dying newspapers, this blog asks, “If the old model is broken, what will work in its place?” And the answer is: “Nothing. Nothing will work. There is no general model for newspapers to replace the one the internet just broke.” Anyone feel better yet?

Business Time: When the going gets tough, the business sections get going. They’re always among the first to go! In this week’s edition, the Washington Post becomes the latest to eliminate a stand alone business section most days of the week.

Closing Time: The Seattle Post Intelligencer is set to announce “plans” for its “future” on Tuesday, which many say consists of going online-only with a newsroom staff of around 20. But what about its rival, the Seattle Times? It’s on the bubble, too. Could Seattle become a no-newspaper town?

Innovate or Die: As the PI and Seattle Times face an uncertain future, news entrepreneurs in Seattle are poised to try and fill the gaps.

Social Media Saved My Business! Really, it did.

10 Minutes to Midnight: That newspaper doomsday list? Newsosaur calls BS.


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