#Tweetjuror: An Update

All you Ari Golds can just stop calling

All you Ari Golds can just stop calling

A quick update to last week’s item on #tweetjuror Johnathan Powell. Plaintiffs in the court case for which Powell served as a juror have filed their response to a motion for a new trial. This, after the defendants in the case said Powell’s tweets showed he was not a fair or impartial juror.

In their response, filed Wednesday, plaintiffs said Powell’s Twittering didn’t break rules or affect the outcome of the case.

From the Morning News, which first broke the Powell story:

Greg Brown, an attorney for one of the men who won the case, said Wright offers no proof that Powell was a bad juror. Brown also calls into question the accuracy of the time stamp on the messages.

The time stamps do not match events during the case, and appear to be sent two hours earlier than they were, Brown said. That means that one message where Powell said negative things about the defendant occurred after the case was over.

The Northwest Arkansas Times also writes about the response here.

Powell’s case has earned him all kinds of media attention, locally and nationally. He even got a mention in the New York Times, which wondered whether the Googles, iPhones and Blackberries are killing the judicial system. Conclusion? Maybe!

Meanwhile, Powell’s been racking up the followers (now at more than 250) and apparently keeping a clear head about his 15 minutes.


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