Using Facebook, LinkedIn and (Yes) Twitter in the Job Hunt

We’ve talked about using the Web, particularly so-called “social media,” in your job hunt before. But when it gets down to it, how useful are sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, even Twitter?

Farhad Manjoo, a tech writer for Slate, writes on that topic today . His conclusion? They can be  successful if you use them the right way: to help you build contacts that will give you job leads before companies have a chance to post to

That rule, of course, holds no matter how you network, whether you do it online or person-to-person, the old fashioned way. Via social networks, you’re more likely to hear about job opportunities before they go public on Monster, or even in the printed classifieds.

Engaging that network online allows these opportunities to spread faster, and that’s the real secret to job hunting with social media.

Of course, the results for everyone will always be mixed. In talking to his admittedly geeky circle of friends, Manjoo found that job-hunting on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter paid off, while for others, efforts on those showed more promise than sending in résumés. Of course for some, social networking was a bust.

More case studies on using social media for the job hunt here , as well as thoughts on etiquette.


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