New Inc. Tanc Results and Our 25th Anniversary Edition in This Week’s ‘Arkansas Business’

25 Years of Arkansas Business

25 Years of Arkansas Business

Many of you have already taken note of our 25th Anniversary Edition of Arkansas Business, which officially hits subscriber mailboxes this week. We’ve even gotten some feedback! And we’re soliciting more. Tell us what we missed, what we got wrong or, maybe, what did right via this special blog posting here.

In addition to reading all the stories from our 25th Anniversary Edition, you can flip through the book’s pages via this electronic edition, available here.

But enough of all this nostalgia. Let’s see what’s in this week’s regular edition of Arkansas Business:

Was former Arkansas Insurance Commission Julie Benafield Bowman unduly influenced by United HealthCare of Arkansas in a dispute with the state’s three surgical hospitals last fall? A lawsuit raises questions. Bowman denies the allegations.

The latest results from our quarterly Inc. Tanc business survey show Arkansas businesses not so much slamming on the brakes as letting their foot off the accelerator. Charts and numbers here.

I don’t like Mondays. Neither do the folks at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Arkansas boasts 220 companies that are more than 100 years old. The Rose Law Firm is the oldest, founded in 1820. Who’s the second-oldest? A newspaper! Click to see which one.

Arkansas’ real estate market didn’t take the hit that many other markets have. But that doesn’t mean homes aren’t taking longer to sell.

Sam Perroni retires from the courtroom.

Marketing guru Jim Karrh takes us to e-mail school: how to conduct effective e-mail campaigns without spamming your friends and making enemies.

Publisher Jeff Hankins looks ahead 25 years and makes all kinds of predictions. Be sure to bookmark this column so one day we can all tell him what he got wrong.


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