Dustin McDaniel, Neal Gladner Broadcast in the Twittersphere

It’s time once again to sample some of the newest Arkansas Twitterers. And be sure to check out (in)complete (un)official Guide to the Arkansas Twittersphere here!

Cat’s been outta the bag on the first two. But, for the record:

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDanielRiding camels and now this.

Neal Gladner* – The former KARN GM is now Twittering and — bonus points! — blogging at NealsNotes. Welcome to the party, Neal.

Michael Baxley – A local photographer (who contributes some great photos to some of our Arkansas Business publications) whose work you can see here.

The UAM Voice – The UA-Monticello student newspaper tweets updates, asks for student feedback, here.

The Capital Hotel – They’re all here! Ashley’s restaurant, The Capital Bar & Grill and the hotel itself. You guys trying to make me hungry?

Arkansas Internet Radio – Kicking out the jams right here.

(* URL corrected to http://twitter.com/NealGladner)


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