UAMS Tweets the Vote, Announces New Chancellor Via Twitter

It's official

It's official

There will most assuredly be an “official” announcement, via news release most likely, within the hour. But it bears noting that the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Twittered the University of Arkansas’ board of trustees’ vote to name Dr. Dan Rahn the new chancellor of UAMS.

UAMS’ “UAMSHealth” Twitter account is available here. The verdict on the vote, delivered here. UAMS is now live-Twittering (live-tweeting?) Rahn’s remarks to the board.

It’s another example of how companies, organizations, politicians, etc., are using the free Web service as a public relations tool. On its Twitter account, UAMS directly engages its “followers” (whoever they may be) with its message of the day. And they even spread a little news from time to time.


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