Video: Caution is the Watchword for Arkansas Businesses

Click here to see the full segment

Click here to see the full segment

I linked to Arkansas Business’ latest Inc. Tanc survey of businesses in the state, which not surprisingly showed business decision-makers taking a closer look at their bottom lines during this recession.

But while businesses are certainly cautious, we also detected some optimism in the survey results. For examply, while more than half of our respondents don’t expect an immediate improvement in business conditions, more than 36 percent do — a bigger number than we expected.

Another interesting finding: More than half of the respondents said they don’t expect to see any direct impact or benefit from the $787 billion economic recovery package. About 27 percent said they expect to profit from the legislation.

Last night on “Today’s THV at 6,” I gave a quick overview of the results, which you can watch be clicking the photo to the right. And of course you can read in full cover story on the survey here.


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