Wehco’s Times Free Press Newspaper A Flagrant Twitterer

The Chattanooga Times Free Press, a sister newspaper to the Wehco-owned Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, already has more open Web site than its Arkansas relative. And now we’ve discovered the Chattanooga newspaper is an outright Twitterer as well!

You can track the Times Free Press’ growing trail of updates via @timesfreepress, where they flagrantly distribute news links every half hour or so. They even tip off readers to possible layoffs at their own newspaper!

Will the DG ever get all Twittery here in Arkansas? It already has: Hog fans can get sports news articles and blog content via @wholehogsports, and the Northwest Arkansas Times, also owned by Wehco, Twitters news updates via @nwarktimes.

Meanwhile, Conan Gallaty, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s new online director, hints to us that there’s more Democrat-Gazette Twittering to come. While there’s nothing specific yet, Gallaty says the paper has some “really great voices,” and it won’t be long before you and I can follow their tweets.

We’ll let you know when the state’ largest daily adds more of its own to the Arkansas Twittersphere.


More newspaper pain – layoffs in Chattanooga? [Arkansas Times]


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