Thanks to Our Listeners, Tweeters During ‘The Sunday Buzz’

Option B: 'Unmitigated disaster'

Option B: 'Unmitigated disaster'

Thanks to Blake Rutherford and Bill Vickery for having me on Vickery’s “Sunday Buzz” show today. A good time was had by all — except the listeners! Actually, we think some of you might have accidentally had some fun listening to us blather on, including A-team Tweeters @DumbArkie and @ARCCABlog, whose running commentary kept us in stitches.

Thanks as well to RJ Hawk, our man on the boards and new Twitterer, who was able to quadruple his number of followers during the show. At least someone got something out of all this!

After the jump, blurry iPhone shots from inside 103.7 The Buzz’s studio.

Rutherford of Blake’s Think Tank

Kinkade of The Arkansas Project


6 Responses

  1. […] and Lance has a few photos for your scrapbook. And Arkansas Project pals DumbArkie and the ARCCABlog, taking a couple of hours off from manning […]

  2. Great show!!! Full of….um, let’s see,….words of wisdom. Yeah, that’s it….wisdom.

    I for one will never forget LT’s insightfulness when he spoke “People don’t know what to do in the pool” and “It’s ugly out there.” These words, these beautiful words, will be my mantra. And if ever I am lucky enough to mentor another soul, I will point to this moment in my life and say “This is what made me who I am today!”

    By the way, there’s no chance that Vickery heard this. I’m pretty sure they don’t let them have radios in the NLR jail.

  3. […] I hope you were able to listen to the “Sunday Buzz with Bill Vickery” featuring The Think Tank, The Arkansas Project and Lance Turner. The first hour was good radio; the final 90 minutes was nothing but a clown-on-Think Tank-fest, with a short time-out to share some good news about City Year (Thumbs Up: Shannon Butler, a guest) and FRANK magazine (Thumbs Up: Patrick Kennedy, a guest). Maybe this made for better radio, I don’t know. DumbArkie seems to think so. More from APG and Mr. Turner. […]

  4. […] if (hours>12){ hours=hours-12 } if (hours==0) hours=12 if (minutes I guess no one learned from Sunday’s (unmitigated? total?) radio disaster, because we’ve been invited back on the air in Little Rock to yak about whatever. And, once […]

  5. […] back on the air this Sunday is beyond any and all logic. But they have. So there we’ll be. Remember last time? Poor RJ Hawk — our man on the boards with the patience of a saint — does he deserve […]

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