An Arkansas Twitter Follow Friday – On Monday

There’s this thing on the Twitters called “Follow Friday,” where folks make suggestions about who everyone should follow. They do this on Friday.

So to be a contrarian, we’ll do make our suggestions on … Monday! Herewith, a heaping handful of Arkansas Twitterers you’ll wanna catch up with. And be sure to check out our (in)complete (un)official Guide to the Arkansas Twittersphere here!

Gerard Matthews – Arkansas Times’ writer and Tumblr.

David Koon – Fellow Times scribe just getting his Twitter feet wet.

Matthew Price – One of the two mad geniuses behind

Katie Bodenhamer – The other of the two mad geniuses behind Scary knowledge of the Arkansas Code.

John DiPippa – Dean, UA Bowen School of Law. Probably knows more about the Arkansas Code.

George Hopkins – Executive director, Arkansas Teacher Retirement System.

Broadway Joe – Of Power 92’s Broadway Joe Show, a Little Rock institution.

AJ ParkerBlogger and CW Arkansas personality. She’s Twittery!

Kyran PittmanNote to Self blogger, friend of Little Rock Family.

Shane Montgomery – Pastor and life coach. Catch his money management segment from Today’s THV last week.

Hog Sports Radio – Northwest Arkansas’ home to all things Hog and regional radio partner for

Joan Duffy – Former reporter for the Memphis Commercial Appeal, now at UALR Media Relations.

KARK-TV, Channel 4 – Because Arkansas matters matter.

Donna Terrell – Weeknight news anchor for the local Fox affiliate, KLRT-TV, Channel 16.

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management – Everyone please just stay calm.


7 Responses

  1. Talk about herding cats. Thanks for this list (and including me on it). I’ve been doing this social media thing for a while. Watching twitter catch on locally feels to me what it must have felt like to Big Bird when other people could finally see Snuffalufagus!

  2. […] one of our Arkansas Twittersphere updates a few weeks ago, we noted that the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management had signed on to the microblogging ser…, and we wondered to what extent the service might be used in real […]

  3. A Few Food Friendly Folk For The #FollowFriday Fun…..

    With the popularity that the #followfriday hashtag has achieved and, more importantly, continued to maintain, I though it might be appropriate to include a blog post of my own, highlighting said food friendly folks and, hence, recommending the followin…

  4. […] since our last check, others are tipping a toe in, testing the waters. Some haven’t even begun Twittering! But […]

  5. The link to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management is wrong. The correct Twitter-name is @AR_Emergencies

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