Gwen Moritz on Women in Our 25th Anniversary Edition

Over at the day job, we noted a least one criticism leveled at our 130-page 25th Anniversary Edition of Arkansas Business: Our list of 25 business leaders for the future didn’t contain enough women. That was the opinion expressed by Ms. Adverthinker Emily Reeves here and ditto’d by others on Twitter.

This week, having exchanged e-mails with Reeves, Arkansas Business Editor Gwen Moritz takes up the complaint in her Editor’s Note column. She notes that women were prominent in other parts of the edition (25 Women Leaders, for example) and wonders what a fair representation of women in Arkansas Business would look like:

Reeves noted on her blog that 51 percent of Arkansas’ population is female, but would it fairly represent the Arkansas business community if half or more of our stories about business executives featured women? Of course not. For many reasons – hardly any of them blatantly discriminatory – the world of business is still dominated by men, and as long as that is true, Arkansas Business is likely to include the names and faces of more men than women.

And, though I think it’s a dirty rotten shame in 2009, it will probably be quite awhile before we stop feeling the need to single out women or minorities for special recognition. The 25th anniversary publication didn’t contain a list called “25 Men Leaders,” but we did feature “25 Minority Trailblazers.” (Great women were on that list, too.)

Moritz’s full response here.

And Blake’s Think Tank notes the back-and-forth here and says this is an example with what’s right about the New Media and the exchange of ideas and opinions.


3 Responses

  1. […] UPDATE: Lance Turner’s Blog takes note. […]

  2. I think of the women of St. Moritz are great!

    Or have I completely misunderstood the title of this article?

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