‘Stanford Refugees’ in This Week’s Arkansas Business

In this week’s Arkansas Business, fallout from an SEC investigation, Arkansas companies performing well in recession and the latest on a pair of key state advertising accounts:

Andrew and Susan Meadors were among the so-called “Stanford refugees” whose investments with Standford Financial Group were frozen as a part of a civil case that the Securities & Exchange Commission filed against Stanford on Feb. 17.

No money with Stanford

No money with Stanford

Was former middleweight boxing champ Jermain Taylor’s money tied up in Stanford, too? Meadors, Taylor’s business agent, says no.

Wal-Mart Stores, credit counselors and Goodwill Industries are among Arkansas companies thriving in recession.

Did we learn anything from the Great Depression? William H. Bowen says of course not!

The latest look at Arkansas’ tourism $10 million account under CJRW and Aristotle. Meanwhile, the ADEC narrows the field of contenders for its $1.2 million account to Stone Ward, The Communications Group and CJRW.

A vote of confidence for newspapers — from a former newspaper employee.

And much more here.


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