Arkansas Times Implements ‘Temporary Pay Reductions’

Pay cuts at the Times

Pay cuts at the Times

Noted here, for the record. The Little Rock alt-weekly Arkansas Times has joined a number of media companies in Arkansas making cutbacks in the face of a dire economic climate. Starting next month, pay cuts of 4 to 7 percent for some employees.

Max Brantley with the news:

Publisher Alan Leveritt said today he’d implemented temporary pay reductions of 4 to 7 percent for about a third of the 41 people who work on our various publications. Lower paid employees were exempt from the cut. The cuts were indexed to pay, with the largest in the best paid jobs. The cuts take effect next month. Recently, we also laid off a receptionist and converted a full-time job on El Latino, the Spanish language weekly, to part-time.

There have been no job reductions on the Times editorial staff.

Noted: The Times recently began selling ad space on the front page of its print edition, as have other publications throughout the country, as media companies seek any new revenue they can get their hands on.


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