Arkansas Tumblrs Unite!


We’re not quite through with our Twitter obsession (yet), though some of us have moved on to other blogging platforms, some perhaps just as mystifying. So for those who like to blog, but aren’t crazy about the 140-character constraints of Twitter and aren’t into the time-consuming, myriad functionalities of something like WordPress, there’s Tumblr!

Tumbl with me, if you will, as we learn more about another strange online phenomenon that’s funny to say and no one understands!

Tumblr’s a free, elegantly spare blogging platform that’s struck a chord with high schoolers, urban hipsters and obnoxiously ambitious Internet-famous folks like Julia Allison. It allows for quick’n’easy blogging, reblogging and aggregation. And like with Twitter, you can “follow” favorite Tumblrs and have fellow Tumblrs “following” you.

We’ve been Tumblin’ here, just to say we do. But you’ll find more substantive Tumblrs from the Arkansas Times’ Gerard Matthews, local designers Robert Blake and Bryan Jones, and, maybe soon, KLRT reporter David Goins.

Tumblr seems to be a casual place to quickly blog about your interests and share cool stuff you’ve seen on the Web. Like Twitter, Tumblr’s more fun the more people you follow. And, like Twitter, it boasts its own celebrities (Allison, Tumblr founder David Karp and Jacob Lodwick) and culture. There’s a wonderful use of mixed media (audio, video, quirky photography) and you’re likely to run across some funny and strange memes, like the Phil Collins tumbl-thon we noted a few months ago.

Are there other cool uses for Tumblr besides as a dumping ground for odd Web ephemera? Probably. But that seems to be its stock and trade right now, although many designers extol the virtues of building on Tumblr’s platform, leading me to wonder whether Tumblr’s true power has yet to be unlocked.


I don’t really have a firm grasp on Tumblr, or even of the local Tumblr community, if there is one. Any other Arkansas Tumblrs out there? Holla.


7 Responses

  1. zack has been an avid tumblr for years now!!! (

  2. I’m a huge Tumblr fan. Apart from, I have a Tumblr that I use for research. AdFeed is my vertical search engine for advertising.

  3. To find local tumblrs, give the tumblr map a spin.

    Here a few to add to the list:


    • Thanks for the tip, Bryan. It’ll be fun to watch the local community to see how, and if, it develops. For folks who want clean, simple, quick blogging, there’s nothing better than Tumblr.

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  5. […] finally spent some time trying to understand Tumblr and how I might use it.  I kind of love it.  Lance Turner has been a fan for a while.  I thought maybe I already had too many places to share, but it turns out there are a lot of […]

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