Speaking on Multimedia & Journalism at SPJ’s Region 12 Conference

spjIf The Arkansas Project is the future of journalism, then I’d better brush up on my Paint.net skills and mastery of Google Image Search if I want to stay employed. That, and use lots of salty language!

I’m up to the task. And if you want to learn more about the future of this wretched craft, check out the Society of Professional Journalists‘ Region 12 Conference this weekend right here in Little Rock. There will be lots of panels and speakers, including Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Ron Fournier.

And speaking of panelists, Arkansas Project blogger David Kinkade is indeed on a “Future of Journalism” panel with Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Web guru Conan Gallaty and Arkansas News Bureau Web editor (and blogger) Zack Stovall. And Arkansas Business Editor Gwen Moritz will be part of group discussing how to cover the recession and federal stimulus on a local level.

Oh. And I’m on a panel about multimedia in journalism. Bring your Flip cams! We’ll talk about working in journalism across all media platforms, how it can work and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Me on an SPJ panel — I buried the lede! Better brush up on that, too.


A PDF of the conference registration form

More on other panels at The Arkansas Project


3 Responses

  1. […] Lance Turner’s participating in this event, too. Zack Stovall is back on his blog. He’s recycling photos, but Melvin Junko isn’t […]

  2. “Bring your Flip cams!”

    Where’s Tolbert when you need ‘im?

  3. Wait, someone “needs” Tolbert? When did that happen?

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