Access Notes From My SPJ Presentation

Attendees and others curious about multimedia and journalism can download notes from my SPJ Region 12 presentation. Included: A cheat sheet of tools I’ve used during my multimedia adventures.

I can’t promise they’ll make a lot of sense to someone who wasn’t at the session — but that’s okay, since my presentation didn’t make much sense either! Today’s lesson: I am not a good presenter. But it was fun to try!

Hey, I had a great time, and I hope someone learned something today for my brief remarks. The key point I should have gotten across: Despite the gloom and doom your might hear about journalism and newspapers these days, now is great time to be in the business.

Multimedia allows you the chance to a variety of different things and tell stories in new and different ways. And with so many news organizations now discovering and becoming more heavily invested in online video, audio and other forms of multimedia, there’s a great chance for innovation, experimentation and to remake what it is that journalists do. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Also, click here to let me know what you thought of the presentation, ask questions or to discuss multimedia journalism in general.

And thanks again to Kelly Kissel and Andrew DeMillo of the Associated Press and others in SPJ for inviting me to present.