Casinos, Pitching the ADEC & the Final Days of the Session in Arkansas Business

This week’s Arkansas Business is online now. Among our coverage this week:

With UAMS leading the way, Arkansas might be the first to establish a public statewide umbilical cord blood bank system.

The downturn in revenue for Heifer International may be accelerating, and the high-profile nonprofit could lay off as much as a third of its employees.

Incumbent Stone Ward and challengers CJRW and The Communications Group make their respective plays for the $1.2 million Arkansas Economic Development Commission advertising account. Mark Hengel was there and outlines each proposal.

Also: CJRW FOI’s AEDC to learn about Stone Ward’s work on the account, including what the agency charged in fees.

Marketing expert Jim Karrh continues his series on effective e-mail marketing. Tip: It always helps to identify yourself as a Nigerian prince. Capitol reporter Mark Carter rounds up the wacky week at the 87th General Assembly. Only one left to go, right?

These “colloidal nanocrystals” by NN-Labs of Fayetteville won’t power the Enterprise, but they do do some cool stuff.


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