Media Notes: AP Vs. Everybody, Film on YouTube and a FriendFeed Overhaul

(Above: Obligatory Howard Beale clip.)

Mad As Hell: The Associated Press has had it with all you folks on the Internets blogging about and linking to its content all willy nilly. So you better get ready, because it’s about to … do … something?

Your Ad Here: Meanwhile, Google CEO Eric Schmidt gives newspapers some helpful hints on how to make money, including using something called “advertising.”

(More: Schmidt says online news, ad-supported, will dominate. Also: Transcript of Schmidt’s Q&A with editors. And the Think Tank weighs in.)

Boston, Second Stage: If the New York Times does dump the Boston Globe, who, if anyone, would buy it?

Video Killed The Newspaper Star: Brightcove says U.S. newspapers streamed 45 million video views in the fourth quarter.

YouFilm: YouTube, home of the Numa Numa Kid and thousands of other poorly lighted time-wasting amateur clips, wants to get into the film business. It’s talking to Sony about adding feature-length films to its library.

Friendly Redesign: Unlike at Facebook, most FriendFeed users seem to like the redesign of the social network feed aggregator. (Follow my FriendFeed here.)

Multimedia: Miss my SPJ Region 12 multimedia presentation? You didn’t miss much! But if you’re curious, my notes and a handout on multimedia tools here.


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