Re-Tweet: Another Round of Twitter, Blog Stories

Have you heard? Legislators and media are using a strange service called “Twitter” to send super-tiny, 140-character-long “tweets” out on the Inter-Webs. Some legislators are “addicted” to this hyper-communicative service! It’s weird!

Oh wait. You have heard this before. So why today are we hearing about it all over again from not one, not two, but three Arkansas newspapers? Slow news weekend!

Hey, old news is better than no news at all! Read about how people are still discovering Twitter and blogs — again! — here:

I tweet, therefore I am – David Sanders, Arkansas News Bureau

‘Tweets,’ blogs catch on a the Capitol – Arkansas Democrat Gazette

The Tweet on Twitter – Texarkana Gazette (story might be a little off-target, but who knows because it’s locked down!)


Kinkade: “I’ll see your snark, and raise you times 100.”


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  1. […] Oh my. David Sanders of the Arkansas News Bureau and Pat Lynch of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette dedicate columns to Twitter. And tomorrow John Brummett! Lance Turner has more on his blog, too. […]

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