10 Arkansans Who Should Be Blogging

Petrino, SBB: Should Be Blogging

Petrino, SBB: Should Be Blogging

With all these Arkansas bloggers running around lately, we asked ourselves, “Who isn’t blogging?” And then we asked, “Who isn’t blogging, who should be blogging?” And below is what we came up with, a (thankfully) brief list.

But who are we missing? Tell us who in Arkansas media, business, sports, entertainment, nonprofits — whatever — you think should be sharing and interacting more online in comments below.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll inspire someone to get out there and expand the Arkansas Blogosphere.

10 Arkansans Who Should Be Blogging

Mike Beebe: You’ve got a good start with all the multimedia. But Robbie Wills and Steve Harrelson and the rest of the now-myriad lawmaking bloggers have the right idea.

David Bazzel: The former Hog and the mastermind behind the Broyles Award and the Boot is on the radio every day and writes columns for ArkansasSports360.com. We say resurrect the “Football, Biceps, Biscuits & Gravy” brand online!

Kyle Brazzel: In addition to writing about local music and culture for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Brazzel pens the Top of the Rock column for the paper’s Sunday High Profile section. No jokes here. Brazzel’s easily one of the best writers working in Arkansas, hands down.  He should be online. Daily.

Ron Breeding: Radio people — they’re so funny, having to run around with their microphones and describe everything in such excruciating detail! Weren’t these guys supposed to destroy newspapers, only to be destroyed by TV, which would then be destroyed by the Internet? We know this much — KUAR’s Breeding won’t go down without a fight. His blog would be a must-read for Arkansas news junkies.

Suzi Parker: The Arkansas-based freelance writer got uninvited from “Arkansas Week” after writing for Nerve. Later, she published a book on sex in the South. A self-proclaimed “pigtailed troublemaker,” she has blogs but hasn’t posted in awhile. What up, Suz? How ’bout kickin’ up some more dust on the Interwebs?

John Pelphrey and Bobby Petrino: Pelphrey’s might sorta be a drag right now. And given Petrino’s no-nonsense tunnel vision, an excerpt from his blog might go something like, “Football football football football football football. Football.” But no other sites in Arkansas would get more traffic. Not even …

David J. Sanders: The nattily dressed Arkansas News Bureau columnist and “Unconventional Wisdom” host writes about twice a week for the paper and also Twitters. But we need more between meals than 140 characters at a time, and predominately Democratic state demands a bigger daily dose of conservative conversation — Kinkade, Greenberg, Tolbert, Hatcher, et al, notwithstanding.

Warren Stephens: Only rarely does the Stephens Inc. CEO (who also owns his own media operation) hold forth on issues of the day. His post-9/11 pep talk, banking crisis news release and Obama un-dorsement are the few exceptions. In this current financial environment, anything the SEC would allow this investment banker to say would be of major interest.

Kane Webb: Another Democrat-Gazette columnist, savvy political writer. His lively voice and breadth of coverage demands a life beyond the printed page. Plus, Webb could set a good example to which the rest of us potty-mouths could aspire.


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