New Feature: Friday Week in Review!

Road Trip

Road Trip

In which we round up the Week That Were. Or something.

So without further ado, here’s what happened this week:

The Arkansas Project put on his white gloves and spring bonnet and headed to the Little Rock Tea Party. One lump or two? How ’bout sixone for each post!

The new and improved Tolbert Report™ showed off his not-quite Duggar-esque brood. Is that baby Twittering yet? Despite all the familial activity, Tolbert still found time for a spot of tea — a true American!

The Think Tank and the Adverthinker ban together on a new media iniative to engage The Kids in discussions about online communications and human behavior. Cue the Bjork, and check out the Flickr pics of these crazy kids just hangin’ out.

For kicks, we banged out a quick list of 10 Arkansans who should be blogging. Then came the mail. Now, we’re soliciting more nominations. Expect Version 2.0 next week.

We hit the speakers circuit! In Little Rock, the kids smiled, nodded and otherwise humored me. At ASU, more of the same! Meanwhile, Twin Towers dormitory — still gone. But the wife and I had a nice drive.

Capsearch commemorated one week since the last Arkansas Legislative Session with a look at two freshmen solons. Video!


We updated the state’s Twitterers, noting several from Arkansas’ largest newspaper.

Blake and I: Most downloaded. That is not a euphemism.

Lily rocked some killer IV lows.

Shaq taught Oprah proper Twitetiquette.

People continue to cry for newspapers.

500 +


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