Sharing Is Fun: What I’m Reading Via Google Reader and Other Stuff to Pass the Time

When the updates get spotty around here, don’t worry. There’s still much more to check out ’round the ol’ blog. May we recommend:

Latest News from Arkansas Business – Top of the left-hand rail. The latest Arkansas Business news from our main daily breaking news feed at

Stuff I Read (via Google Reader) – Conveniently located down the left-hand rail, this is regularly updated list of articles/blog posts I’ve scoped out via Googe Reader or on the Interwebs. (Check the full page here.) Stuff on media, politics and more from all kinds of sources, including some familiar local voices.

LT on TumblrYou remember Tumblr, right? Here you’ll find a weird collection of random Tumblrbilia. Fed near the bottom of the left-hand rail and available in full Tumblr glory here.

LT on Twitter – At the top of the right-hand rail. Honestly, we don’t talk about Twitter near enough. Kidding! Self-explanatory.

Newspapers – In the blogroll in the right-hand rail. It’s not all about me. Support your local newspaper. Many of them are listed here.

The Arkansas Twitter Guide – Updated as often as humanly possible, we take a “Yahoo, circa ’96” approach to chronicling prominent tweeters in the Natural State by hand. Browse for new tweeters and by all means suggest some more here.


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