Neal Gladner and I Talk Blogs, Twitter and Business on KZNG Radio

On the air Wednesday morning

On the air Wednesday morning

Neal Gladner has invited me to come on Hot Springs radio to talk how to use all this new media, including blogs and — yep — Twitter in business. Our discussion begins around 7:07 a.m. Wednesday morning on KZNG New Talk 1340 AM. I invite all my dozen Hot Springs friends (and anyone else interested in this stuff) to listen in!

Obviously, there’s lots of businesses and other organizations taking part in the online conversation. On Twitter, you’ve got major companies like Tyson Foods and Arvest Bank using the microblogging service to spur action for charitable events and share resources and information with customers. Others are using it to monitor (possibly shape?) online discussion of their brand. And media companies like Arkansas Business are pushing news content, branding themselves with a tech savvy audience, trolling for information/sources and interacting with users. Blogs are used for many of the same general goals, albeit in a slight different way.

(See our Arkansas Twitter Guide here for a sampling of businesses and media on Twitter.)

It should be a fun 10-12 minutes on the air in Hot Springs. Catch Neal on Twitter @NealGladner, and you can follow me @LT.

Also, some food for thought for tomorrow’s discussion:

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Media Notes: Pulitzers, Blogs, Twitter and Newspapers (and More!)

Our weekly roundup of media news from all over:

The Difference – Today’s THVers join the Twittersphere: @alysoncourtney and @ccrowson016 (Charles Crowson) sign on.

Eyes on the PrizeThe New York Times dominates the Pulitzer Prizes. Also: An Arkansas native wins one for nonfiction. Stacy Sells notes that while this was the first year only-online news sources could compete, none of them won jack.

Newspapers, Kerry’d AwaySen. John Kerry’s gonna help save the newspapers. Here’s Stovall, rightfully worried.

Link Bait! – Wall Street 24/7 discovers that lists = links. So here’s another of its “[insert number here] things that will die soon” lists. Esquire magazine among them.

Get Real Paid – Hold on. Some folks get money for this?

Twitter TV– Local TV news discovers Twitter.

Awl Over But the BloggingGawker all-stars Alex Balk and Choire Sicha launch The Awl, some sort of new blogging thing.

Depends on How You Look At It – Since going online-only, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has held on to 80 percent of its traffic, which means it lost about 20 percent of its traffic, which is really great/terrible!

Stand BackAn impassioned response/rebuke to another “dammit, newspapers gotta charge for content” newspaper column.

None of Your Business – The business journal in Washington D.C. might be cutting salaries by 5 percent, but they’re not talking! Thankfully, none of that here.